Additional software

» ExpertSDR2 IQ Player - Software to playback the IQ files
IQ-files structure

» Expert Sync 1.1.0 - Software for synchronization of several devices, under control of the ExpertSDR2
Getting started manual for the Expert Sync software

» Expert VC - Software converter for the records of the voice recorder

Third-party software with TCI support

From now on data exchange between ExpertSDR2 and SDC happens via brand new TCI interface. The new version of the SDC has its own integrated Skimmer for CW signals - SKM server, so thanks to Yuri Pavlov UT4LW, all our users have access to a free, high-quality Skimmer. This SKM server gives you way less CPU load and 2 times higher accuracy than the closest competitor.
For more information about SDC see the User Manual, which is stored in the software folder.
» SDC_11.03 for Windows
» SDC_11.03 x64 for Windows
» SDC_11.03 for Linux
» SDC_11.03 for macOS

» LogHX by Alexei V. Chernobai (RX4HX), link to the latest pre-release builds

» SWISSLOG by Walter Baur (HB9BJS)

» RUMlog by Thomas Lindner (DL2RUM)

» 5MContest by Vitaly Filonenko (RM5F)

» MacLoggerDX by Don Agro (VE3VRW), since v6.23b47