Hi everyone!

We've published new versions of the ExpertRemote system software: ExpertRC 1.3.0 beta 1 and ExpertRS 0.5.1.

List of changes in comparison to April release:
1. Added TX mode for the following modes: AM/SAM, DSB, SSB, NFM, CW, DIGL/DIGU,

2. Added VAC functionality (works only with DIGL/DIGU, if you've selected one of those modes and enabled VAC, then the signal will be sourced from it, in all other cases will be used signal from mic input),

3. Added APF filter for SSB and CW,

4. Added DSE filter for CW,

5. Added DSP functions: BIN and NR,

6. Line Out module was updated (you can output sound in sound card or record it in wav/mp3 file),

7. Added Preamp control for all devices,

8. Added Ext Ctrl and PA key control,

9. Added BPF-kit control for ColibriDDC,

10. from now on you can manipulate CW-key connected to the E-Coder panel and via COM-port (CAT), also you can transmit CW macroses via TCI (BreakIn unavailable),

11. To lower monitoring latency while TXing with CW key on OS Windows, we recommend using audio drivers WDM-KS or ASIO. Using OS Linux and macOS there are no latency issues,
The lower the sound card buffer size, the lower the latency. The optimal size for comfortable CW TXing not higher than 256 samples,

12. Added client versions for Linux x64 (tested on Ubuntu 18.04 x64) and macOS (tested on Mojave),

13. GUI was slightly redesigned.