The ExpertSDR2 software is the property of the Expert Electronics company, we've been developing it since 2011, thus it embraced a lot of ideas and real user experience for a long period of time. Thanks to the incredible community of HAMs, their feedback, and suggestions we were able to improve the ExpertSDR2 to the point when our customers can honestly say - it is the most versatile and advanced software on the market today.

On the picture below you can see the main window of the ExpertSDR2 1.0.0 for the SunSDR2 transceiver.
ESDR2 1.0.0

Since its official release, we've added numerous features and significantly improved overall software functionality. The most notable additions are:

- Customizable Spectrum Scope and Waterfall

- Several COM-ports to control CW-keyer from loggers and special software for CW

- Direct control of the CW Skimmer via telnet protocol, additional RX IQ output into CW Skimmer via VAC and show received spots from CW Skimmer on the panorama

- Line output to record your on-air activity

- Features tab, which allows you to auto-launch third-party software along with the launch of the ExpertSDR2

- Shortcuts tab, allows you to set a lot of shortcuts for almost any function in the ExpertSDR2

- OmniRig exchange protocol

- MB1 GUI (special GUI for the MB1 internal display)

- Waterfall cleansing algorithm

- ExpertSync software, it allows you to synchronize all Expert Electronics devices between each other

- Seamless compatibility with the E-Coder panel

- RX ANT button, which in the 1.2 version became the part of the Antenna Switch

- DSE (Digital Surround Effect) for CW. Provides a spatial orientation in stereophones, stations from lower frequencies are louder in the left channel, stations from higher frequencies are louder in the right channel. The signal in the filter's center is equally heard in both channels of stereo phones.

- APF (Analog Peak Filter) for SSB and CW. Provides a more comfortable listening of the CW signals by amplifying the CW signal in the center of the receive filter (triangle filter's AFC (amplitude-frequency characteristic) in the filter bandpass).

- Countless minor features, improvements, tweaks, and optimizations

On the picture below you can see the software main window for the MB1 transceiver.
ESDR2 screenshot


1) Antenna switch for SunSDR2/PRO and MB1. It works the same way for both devices: for each frequency band, antenna switch saves its own antenna input and output.

When two software receivers are active (RX1 and RX2), antenna input is the same for both receivers (because devices have one ADC), but the transceiver's antenna output may differ if software receivers work on different frequency bands.
For a thorough description of the Antenna switch please see the User Manual.

Antenna Switch


2) 4K display mode, it allows you to use a 4K monitor to work with the ExpertSDR2.


3) Professional TX processing module for all our transceivers. The module consists of the following features:

- DC block to effectively remove the Time constant in mic signal,

- Parametric Filters with 5 independent filters of 7 types,

- Noise Gate to reduce noise in pauses,

- Compressor to reduce the dynamic range of the audio signal,

- Limiter to avoid overload (clipping) and suppression of short-term level peaks, 

Parametric Equalizer with 8 Peaking filters, Low Shelf and High Shelf on the sides,

AGC to keep the constant volume level of the Mic signal,

Clipper to reduce signals peak-factor and increase overall power while distorting the signal,

- This module has its own Profile system, independent from the Global Profile.


For a thorough description of the TX processing module please see the User Manual. On the picture below you can see the Equalizer module.

PROC module


4) ExeprtSDR2 was ported to the Qt5 libraries. To 99% of people, it won't mean anything. In reality, it allowed us to drastically optimize the software operation for each supported OS and to add new features, such as:

- TCI - Transceiver Control Interface was developed by Expert Electronics company, for simple and still advanced connection between the ExpertSDR2 and third-party software. TCI has all required control commands similar to CAT system, but even more, it can transfer IQ-streams from the ExpertSDR2 to clients (third-party software such as signal Skimmers, etc) via local network and the Internet, CW macroses and Audio In/Out streams for digital modes (will be added soon). TCI is the universal multi-client interface (you can connect it to radio Loggers, Skimmers, PAs, Ant.switches etc. at the same time). It was developed as an open protocol to use with multi-brand transceivers, which support one, two or multi receivers/transmitters. This is a game changer for the SDR radio!
It is an open source protocol, we've discussed using it with hardware and accessory developers. For example, Band Pass Filters unit with LAN interface can get information about radio frequency via LAN and can switch filters, the same applies to antenna switches and PAs and so on.

Connection process with TCI is very easy, someday in the future, you won't believe you lived without it for so long!
Several software developers are already working on the implementation of TCI in their software, we will try to get TCI into all HAM software. - link to the list of files with the description of the interface in English and Russian and source code of the demo-client software with TCI support.

- MacOS X support
- New visual effects and animations are coming


5) The new ExpertSDR2 x64 version for OS Windows x64, allowed to lower CPU load by approximately 20%.

Despite wide functionality the ExpertSDR2 currently has, we plan to continue expanding it. Constant improvement and innovation, that is what lies ahead of the ExpertSDR2.
Buying any of our devices, you get the ExpertSDR2 software for free, with all the upcoming updates, which are also absolutely free!


Links to the Download page with the ExpertSDR2 software for each device:

MB1 | SunSDR2 PRO | SunSDR2 QRP | ColibriDDC | ColibriNANO

Warning! Software for each device is different!

The ExpertSDR2 minimal system requirements:

  • 2 or 4 core CPU Intel Core i3 or Core i5;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • 40 GB free space on the HDD/SSD for the ExpertSDR2 and accompanied programs;
  • 17' or bigger monitor;
  • video card with OpenGL 1.5 or higher;

The ExpertSDR2 software supports Windows 7-10 32/64 bit, Linux (Ubuntu/Kubuntu 18.04 x64), and macOS 10.14 Mojave and higher.
Warning! The ExpertSDR2 software for Windows requires Visual Studio Redistributable 2017, you may install it either from the ExpertSDR2 installer or from the official Microsoft website.


Main Features release schedule*:

January 2018

  • Design update, similar to what has been done to ExpertRC
  • VAC (voice data transfer) implemented in TCI, for digital modes operation

February 2019

  • New Antenna Switch
  • New ExctCtrl/PA tab
  • Transverter mode

March/April 2019

  • ALC
  • New IQ Player module
  • New RX module (similar to PROC module for TX)
  • Manual TNF

Fall 2019

  • Full Duplex
  • Predistortion

*Release schedule may be changed in time