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TOPIC: MAP65 on sunsdr2pro

MAP65 on sunsdr2pro 16 Jul 2015 23:44 #1

Hello, I have recently bought an SUNSDR2pro and in the 2 weeks I have been evaluating this equipment, I must say that there is probably nothing else available that comes close to it, in real specs, quality of construction, stability etc...
I am now giving all my other equipment away to young hams who still don't have enough money to buy Ham gear, because it's the only tranceiver I need to do everything.
I connected a GPSDO and compared it to the internal reference. It really did'nt make any difference, the internal reference is super accurate and stable.
I am involved in 1296 MHz EME and building equipment for it. So I tried the program MAP65. It is similar to CW SKIMMER, but it can decode signals in JT65 protocol far below the audible noise level. I implemented it as CW SKIMMER via virtual cable and it works great.
The only problem is that I dont get enough signal level to have the waterfall working correctly. I really need to put +10 dB preamp gain on and it is at the limit. This is of coarse deteriorating the receiver IP3. I am trying this on 14.076 where there are allways signals, even if the band is dead.
My question is: can you provide a level control at the I/Q output at your next firmware release?
Also I have been thinking if the VHF receiver can be connected to 2 different antenna connections, people who do 2m EME with cross yagi's could take advantage of the polarisation correction in MAP65 and use the 2 receivers in SUNSDR2pro.
Mark, EA8FF
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MAP65 on sunsdr2pro 21 Jul 2015 12:21 #2

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Hello Mark,
Nice to read it, thank you for your opinion.
1. Software has IQ channels level control for RX and TX mode, you can find it is here - Options/Device/VAC/RX gain or TX gain. In your case you need RX gain. If you need to gain it you must set gain level, if you need to reduce signal level set minus(-) before digit.
2. We have only one wideband hardware receiver in SunSDR2 Pro and two software defined receivers in ExpertSDR2. You can not connect two antennas to one input of high speed ADC.
Василий, Vasily,
Expert Electronics
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