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RTTY mode in ESDR3 16 Jan 2022 23:44 #1

I use to work 170HZ shift on RTTY 45 baud.
Using DIGU and DIGL modes in ESDR2 was a disappointment, because the receive filters were far too wide
In ESDR3 a RTTY mode has appeared. It seems that bandwidth is customizeable, but still I miss a filter that allows just the 2125Hz mark tone and the 170Hz up or down space tone.
Has anyone found out more about RTTY in ESDR3, I would be interested to know.
FSK is still on my wish list. I can do it with my Icom-7300, but not with my SunSDR2 DX. And they are bot SDR radios.
73 de LA9RY Knut
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