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TOPIC: Experts SDR3 and SunSDR2 Pro 2 meter issue

Experts SDR3 and SunSDR2 Pro 2 meter issue 11 May 2022 19:30 #1

  • k5rhd
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On version v3, .12.x, when I am operating on 2 Meters, I key the mic (PTT) pedal, and I am able to TX into my amp. When I release PTT, the radio stays keyed (red LED on) and is transmitting some sort of RF and activates my (COR) amp but is way off frequency and the VSWR is 10:1+++ on my W2 wattmeter. I have to push the pedal several times to get it to come out of TX and sometimes I have to turn the power to the radio off completely. This does NOT happen on v2.

I have reported this on the GIT bug list as #341
Arvada, CO USA
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