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TOPIC: 10 MHz GPS Reference

10 MHz GPS Reference 10 Dec 2018 07:41 #1

  • hb9efk
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  • Nick HB9EFK
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I buy recentely my Sund SDR2 Pro and i'm very happy. To improve my setup focused for digital modes, I decide to add the 10MHz GPS Reference.I search in the web shops and i found this nice one:
10 MHz GPS Reference
I decide to buy and after the usual waiting time for delivery (3 Weeks), I found it in my mail box.
Connected and works well (Just remember to set in the SundSDR2 Control Software: Option => Device => Use external reference.
Easy and efficient :D
The unit will be delivered with power supply (12V 1.5A) and GPS antenna (Magnetic)



Hope this suggestion will make you happy... :D

Best 73's de Nick HB9EFK
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10 MHz GPS Reference 10 Dec 2018 17:20 #2

  • n1ser
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Thanks Nick! I ordered one of the same off Ebay. Look forward to using it!

73, Scott N1SER
Scott, N1SER
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10 MHz GPS Reference 22 Jan 2019 17:43 #3

  • Charly
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Hi all,
I have used for a long time an external Thunderbolt GPS 10 Mhz reference until I noted an increase of some spurious in Rx mode.

A clean R&S Sig Gen signal on 2m input coaxial socket with an RF level corresponding to abt S9 on the Sun meter allowed me to do a quick test. .
Using max Samplerate (39062) I observed the injected Rx Signal in the waterfall display with internal & external reference.

On my Sun I see some low level spurious when using the external 10 Mhz reference -

For operation I went back to the internal refernce - it is stable enough inside my "temp contolled" shack and the "aging"offsett since I bought my sund was less than 80Hz on VHF

I am not sure how the switching is physically done - but it seems unlikely that the DC supply of the internan TCXO is cut. The observation may be due to crosstalk?

There was no noticable change in spurious when I changed the drive level between 0 and +13dBm -
On some other rigs i noticed a small amount of cable leakeage from connecting the 10Mhz external signal - This leakeage could be reduced by inserting a short 6dB SMA attenuator directiy on the backside of the Sun. The attenuator inreases the match (returnloss) .
73 Charly, DF5VAE

I .
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