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TOPIC: Some suggestions for improvement

Some suggestions for improvement 14 Jan 2017 23:30 #1

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I use v.1.1.3 now - i miss some nice things which i had with my Flex3k before:

There is no possibility to let the spectrum fixed on the center when turning the VFO (so that you could ever see plus and minus x khz around your VFO frequency). When you tune, at any time the vfo cursor is on the left or right side of the spectrum and so you could only see "what's behind you"

I really miss CW macros - At the moment i must decide if i use log4om and fldigi for digimodes, or n1mm for tx of the macros... could you implement some macro's to fire with the SunSdr2 direct?

Changing Drive from % to Watts would be nice. I drive my HLA300 driver amp with 23% or in other words, 1,8 Watts.

You could make Zoom (+/-) available for the E-Coder on one of the 3 controlls - that would be great

Maybe i see some of this wishes (or maybe all of them) in the next version :-)

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