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TOPIC: Current I drops down when in remote operation

Current I drops down when in remote operation 19 Jan 2020 19:35 #16

  • iw7dmh
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Hello Juan Carlos,

I did it. Give a look at this link


73' Enzo
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Current I drops down when in remote operation 22 Jan 2020 19:04 #17

  • hb9toc
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Hi all

Yes, I installed everything on the Raspberry Pi linke Enzo wrote on his homepage.

I solved my problem now. The problem is not the ping time. The MTU value was too high (it is set to 1500 Bytes in OpenVPN by default) I had to put the following lines in the system-config file on the raspberry Pi and in the *.ovpn-.File which is used on the remote computer to connect to the server:

tun-mtu 1500
fragment 1300
mssfix 1300

With an MTU size of 1300 bytes, everything works flawless and no current drops during sendig happens again.

I hope someone other can use it who wants to control the radio remotely. Now I can use also the tehering hotspot from my smartphone to use the radio from everywhere.

vy 73 de Daniel, HB9TOC
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Current I drops down when in remote operation 23 Jan 2020 16:58 #18

  • DL9NBJ
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Hi there,
I also have huge problems with remote operation.
There are no problems when connected directly to the PC. But when Sunsdr2DX is at the remote site, I have various problems. I have a very good and fast connection via the HAMNET (WLAN 5GHZ) with high bandwidth, 50Mbits and ping rates of 2-10 ms. In between are 3 routers, my home, one at the remote location and one in the middle. In order to even reach the SDR, I had to do pull-ups. The SDR sends its data in the blue, but it did not reach me.
A friend of mine set up a VPN tunnel for me. I don't remember exactly what was set. Apparently the TX status is sent with every TCP or UDP packet, and if the SDR does not get a new packet within milliseconds, the transmitter drops out. Of course that's crap. The function is important, but it would certainly be enough within seconds. Above all, I don't understand why such a high bandwidth is required when sending. My question: What else do I do to use my new DX as planned?
vy 73 de Thilo DL9NBJ

Problems with my SunSDR2DX:

VOX - works only on 2m, not on HF
TUNE - does not work, reduces power when tuning if SWR is bad
Displayed supply voltage has incorrect values
Crosstalk betwen antenna ports A2 <-> A1
Solved: ... ;-(
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