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TOPIC: Running DDC over VPN

Running DDC over VPN 26 Jan 2020 18:52 #1

  • davegte
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Has anyone done this, or knows if it is possible? :
Imagine a local site with a PC running the normal 'local' receive app NOT client/server, connected to a router that can act as a VPN server
Imagine a remote site with a DDC plugged into a router that can act as a VPN client.
In this way although the two ethernet networks are geographically separate they are on the same network as the VPN server router is running two IP networks, the local one and the VPN one.
Question: Can the DDC at the remote site work with the local receive app? i.e. the VPN effectively connects the app and DDC together over ethernet.
I do not know what bandwidth is taken up on the ethernet, but in my case the VPN bandwidth is 10 mbps. Is link latency a problem?

Any comments appreciated
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Running DDC over VPN 27 Jan 2020 21:48 #2

  • DL9NBJ
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Yes it can work. I have a WiFi route with 3 routers in between. It was not easy to set this up because the SundSDR2DX lacks important Ethernet settings. You can only set the ip address. Neither the possibility of specifying a gateway nor a subnet mask, as is normally the case with LAN devices. Therefore, it only works with a VPN tunnel, because otherwise the data flow goes to Nirvana. The VPN tunnel naturally requires valuable bandwidth.
vy 73 de Thilo DL9NBJ
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Running DDC over VPN 28 Jan 2020 20:27 #3

  • iw7dmh
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Hello Dave,
what you described is a widely used solution. It works well with the SunSDR rigs but you need a high speed network. Let's say 3 Mbit (or more) in upload.
In the picture below you can see how the bandwidth is related to the sampling rate you set on EESDR. It is for only one rx. When you add the second RX values ​​just double.


There are different ways to develope a VPN. One is described on my web page. It is free and it is based on opensource systems like OpenVPN and Raspberry PI3 but there are other solutions like make a subscription to a online VPN service. The last solution is not free but you have some time (usually the first month) to configure and test your network.

73' Enzo
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