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TOPIC: Clarification about "Maximum spots" setting

Clarification about "Maximum spots" setting 02 Jun 2020 11:05 #1

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I need a clarification about the Maximum spots setting because I can't find it in any manual.
The big question is what is referred that number: is it the maximum number in the panadapter or is it the maximum number in the whole (internal) EESDR list?
I suspect it is the second option, and I think it has a drawback in some circumstances like a WW contest. I described it in a post on the 5M-COntest group but I copy my question here for brevity.

73' Enzo


I think I found a problem with the function that sends the spots to the SunSDR panadapter via TCI.
It seems that 5MContest sends to the rig the spots from ALL the bands, and not the spots from the current band.
In this way, when the maximum limit (300) I set in EESDR is exceeded, it starts to delete the oldest spots even if they are in the current band.
For example, now in the WPX contest I am in the 10m band which has a much lower number of spots than 15m and 20m, but the panadapter is practically empty (anyway well below 300), because all other spots are on the other bands.
Furthermore, the duration of the spot, while it is set at 20 minutes, is ignored because when the limit of 300 is exceeded, the spots are forced to be canceled. It happens after 1-2 minutes.
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Clarification about "Maximum spots" setting 06 Jun 2020 19:08 #2

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Vitaly, RM5F, added a great option to his 5MContest program.
As you can see in the picture below, in addition to the Pass5MTelnetServer Spots you can check the Only current band option.
This simplifies a lot the spots handling configuration:

1- in SDC you have to configure all your Spotters (For each spotter chek the option to Srv but disable the option to Pan);
2- in SDC disable the Spots -> Panorama option;
3- In SDC enable the Telnet server (usually on port 7373);
4- In 5MContest Telnet Server enable only one source server, the one of SDC: localhost - 7373;
5- In 5MContest Settings disable the whole CW Skimmer Telnet server settings block;
6- In 5MContest Settings enable Pass 5MTelnetServer Spots and Only current band options.

In this way all the BandMap and Cluster lists windows will still receive spots for every bands. As the only source in 5MTelnetServer is the SDC server, the spots are already merged with the CW skimmer spots. Colors for MARK/DUPE/USUAL and MULT are the one defined in 5MC and this eliminates any doubt on which program "colors" the spots.
It works very well SO2R mode as well.
Now, switching from one band to another, the panadapter starts empty but it is a matter of few seconds having it populated with the current band spots with the proper color.

The link to the new update is on the 5MContest thread I posted in the previous message.

Best 73'

for pepople interested, like pa5fn and G4KVT,

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