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TOPIC: MB1 newbie has questions

MB1 newbie has questions 08 Jul 2022 21:35 #1

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I am a new owner of a used MB1. I traded a TS890 for it straight up. Came with the encoder and 16 mb ram with 500 g hard drive. I enjoyed the 890 but am really happy with the MB1. Also have an Anan 7000dle. I haven't turned it on since I fired up the MB1. I was licensed tech in Sept. 2020 and upgrade to General in March 2021. Just techie enough to be dangerous.

I was formerly a Mac only guy except at work where I had no choice. I succumbed when I became a Ham so as to have access to most software in the Ham world.
I have the latest releases of ESDR2 and ESDR3 installed. I don't have it on my network yet but will soon when I install cat5 cable to the shack from house internet hub.
I have a printed out manual and the supplement.
Question 1
I see a utility in the manual called MB1 utility but can't seem to find it in the MB1 Windows system. I realize I'm probably not looking in the right spot but can someone point me in the right direction?
2. I've opened ESDR3 and made numerous adjustments to audio settings etc. only to find them gone the next time I open the program. Is this just instability because of it's alpha state or am I missing a step somewhere in saving before closing?
3. Whats the best way to turn it off? I usually turn off the transceiver, close the program, hold the front panel on/off button until the beep, and then turn off the switch in the back. If I skip the last step, I can see some component leds or some backlight through the front panel. I sleep in the same bedroom sometimes and want it dark so I usually turn off the back switch too.
4. Can anyone one recommend a single ear headset/mic combo that is plug and play with the MB1?
Thanks and 73!
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MB1 newbie has questions 11 Jul 2022 10:49 #2

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Hello Steve.
Welcome aboard, “techie enough” is a good start ;)

To your questions:
1. It should be among all other applications. If it's not, just install it, MB1 Utility is published on our web-site.

2. If you are talking about the PROC menu, you need to save the profile you've set up.
The next time, you'll launch the ESDR3 just activate the prearranged Profile.

3. You've described the best and safest way to use the MB1, just continue to do that.

4. That is a big argument, I suggest checking the Forum, there you'll find several threads about mics and phones. For examples:
Роман, Roman
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