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TOPIC: Enhancements for digi mode ops - filters etc

Enhancements for digi mode ops - filters etc 06 Dec 2020 19:39 #1

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Since this setup works so very well for digi modes, I'd like to see a few things optimized.

When in digu or digl mode, if the filters are not going to be user definable for pre-sets, I would like to see the following as they would be optimal for digital ops
75 Hz 150Hz 300Hz 600Hz 1200Hz 2000 2500 3000 3500. The uppers are not as critical as long as one ends at 3kHz The lower ones suit PSK and a number of other defacto widths for things like Thor/Olivia/Domino.

I would also love if in digu and digl that when you grab the filter 'handle" that the filter narrows or expands symmetrically on the center offset. Could even use a modifier key like a ctrl-drag as a way to do this. Another way that would solve for this operating mode is a Width and Shift, separate sliders to set the filters for digital ops.

I would like a per-mode set of user-defined filters in general really but in digi modes I'm constantly having to adjust them manually.

Also, please add a few more pixels to the "sensitivity" where the filter edge is detected for adjusting the filter. It is very hard to mouse precisely enough quickly and I'm constantly moving the tuning by accident. Again maybe a modifier key like ctrl-left-click to enable filter width vs position.

I have an Anan as well and the way you separate VAC for the microphone vs VAC to use for digi modes makes this radio a lot easier to use when going between voice and digital work (which I do frequently).
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