WLAN switch

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WLAN switch — this is a universal switch, controlled via a wireless WLAN connection.

Sometimes it's hard or even impossible to run a complicated cable system when you build a "smart house", setting up automated manufacturing, or just tired of cables. To solve this task you can use a universal wireless switch, which utilizes a radio channel as a connecting link.

Using widespread WLAN 802.11 b/g/n standard allows to include WLAN switch in already existing local and wireless networks with the help of WLAN routers. To launch a wireless switch you'll need to power it up and set up a WLAN connection with the controlling device or wireless network of your object.

WLAN switch based on the famous, miniature WLAN module ESP‑07E, it combines open architecture, good usability, and opportunity to program module firmware by yourself.

Our company offers you a ready solution. WLAN switch consists of a miniature WLAN module with an external antenna, power stabilizer, and galvanically isolated control switches based on opto-relay.


Main capabilities:

- Remote control of external DC circuits with voltage up to 100 V and current up to 300 mA.

- Connect up to 12 active circuits.

- Several ways to control the load: closing of the normally opened switch, voltage output when the switch is on, closing of the switch contact on the case - pin connected to GND.

- Using several WLAN switches simultaneously in the same system/network.

- Update WLAN module firmware via internal USB-COM converter.

- Operation in a wide range of supply voltages from 8V to 20V DC and from 12V to 20V AC.

- Convenient web-interface for WLAN switch control.

- Open platform, you may create your own software for the internal module.

- Main PCB covered with several layers of translucent plastic (done at manufacture) to protect it from moisture, corrosion, etc.


Application area:

- Automated systems at home («smart house», lighting control, open/close gates, and other operating mechanisms).

- Automated manufacturing systems.

- Remote control of antenna switches, tuner units, switching directions in phased and beverage antenna systems, etc.



Number of control switches


Switch type

Normally opened circuit

(galvanically isolated control switches based on opto-relay)

Operating types

Closing of the normally opened switch

Closing of the switch contact on the case (the second contact should be connected to the case via jumper)

The voltage output on one of the switch contacts (the second should be connected to the +U power via jumper)

Max switching voltage, V


Max switching current, mA

300 (up to 500 in peaks t=10ms)

WLAN standard on the internal module

802.11 b/g/n

Operating modes

Access Point (AP), Client + Access Point (STA+AP)

FLASH memory capacity, kb


RAM data, kb


RAM instructions, kb


Supply Voltage range, V

+8...+20 DC

12...20 AC

Current consumption, mA with 12V supply

up to 70