It is almost half a year since our latest news publication...
In that time period, we've visited Friedrichshafen and Newark Ham radio fairs.
You may find reports about it on our Facebook page -

We are really close to the final release of the ExpertSDR2 1.1.3.
For now, the latest version is RC7
ExpertSDR2 1.1.3 RC7 SunSDR2

ExpertSDR2 1.1.3 RC7 MB1

Next week we plan to release our own remote system for ColibriDDC and SunSDR2 PRO (only for RX at this point, MB1 remote we'll be released a bit later).
It works like this: on the remote side, there might be your ColibriDDC/SunSDR2 PRO + either Raspberry Pi3 (with an image based on the OpenWRT) or PC with the server software.
There are several ways to use it remotely:
1) Via the ExpertSDR2 client installed on your Windows PC
2) Via the HTML5 client on any device (PC or smartphone) with an internet browser (tested on Chrome, FireFox)