Hi, everyone!
On 27th of January, we released the ExpertSDR2 1.2 alpha.

Here are the Release notes:
General changes
Added the ExpertSDR2 settings file back-up
When the PC is switching off, if the software works, OS could close the software before it properly saves the settings file, which led to damage of the file
Improved device search process in the network
Now the software will detect every available device in the network, regardless of a number of network adapters installed in the PC, earlier the device might not get detected if the internet is connected to one network adapter, but the device to another network adapter.

Added saving of the antenna switch position per band;

Added saving of the antenna switch position per band;
Greatly improved switching between the MB1 style and Desktop style

Antenna switch operation:
SunSDR2/PRO and MB1 have an antenna switch, it works the same way for both devices. For each frequency band, antenna switch saves it's own antenna input and output.

When two software receivers are active (RX1 and RX2), antenna input is the same for both receivers (because devices have one ADC), but the transceiver's antenna output may differ if software receivers work on different frequency bands.

How antenna switch works with the RX ONLY function:
For example: on the 80M band selected the A2 antenna output, and on the 40М band selected the A3 antenna output, if you switch from the 40М band to the 80М band, you'll be able to assign the RX ONLY on the A3 antenna output and lock it only for RX. Now if you switch one of the software receivers on the 40М band, the transceiver's antenna switch will detect that the A3 output is locked for RX and won't change it (leave it in a state before switching to the 40M band).

To assign the RX ONLY on an antenna input it's required to have at least one free antenna input, e.g. all software receivers should have another antenna output for TX.

Attention!!! Before you'll use the transceiver on TX, check the antenna switch settings on all bands!!!

For MB1+ATU users:
You don't have to retune tuner for each band. Because tuner's memory depends on the frequency, not antenna output.