ExpertSDR3 news
We continue to devote all our programming resources to the development of the ExpertSDR3 and the new ExpertRemote system. This week Vasily will conduct a new stream on YouTube, where he'll show what we've already done and can answer your questions.

RN6LHF YouTube channel

Yuri Pavlov (UT4LW) recently added a couple of new crucial features to the SDC:

  • DIGI Server. Creates modems for modulation types of RTTY, BPSK. It works 100% via TCI. Vac is not needed!
  • MACROS Server. Transmit macros for CW, DIGI, SBB. It works 100% via TCI. Vac is not needed!
    Check out the official SDC web-site.


This week we've released the new ExpertSDR2 1.3.1 Update 8 for all our radios. This release contains new firmware updates for SunSDR2 PRO, SunSDR2 DX, MB1 transceivers.


We've finally started dispatches of AAT-100 to dealers. Please contact your local dealer regarding the price and shipping dates.


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