Newsletter April 16th

ExpertSDR3 is coming! Last week we've shared the first ExpertSDR3 beta version with third-party developers to adapt a new TCI server to their software. That is the last thing we planned to add in the first official release. After the extensive tests of the TCI server and main software functionality (including transverters) we'll share the release candidate version with beta-testers.
On May 7th we plan to release the first official version of the ExpertSDR3!
In 2021 we will fill the ExpertSDR3 functionality with ExpertSDR2 functions, plus some long-awaited features. As always, the latest news about the ExpertSDR3 development is published on the YouTube channel of our head engineer.

RN6LHF YouTube channel

As you all probably know, from now on JTDX also supports TCI, at the moment the TCI connection is being beta-tested.
Check out the official JTDX website for more information about the official release.


On the 1st of April, we've released the ExpertSDR2 1.3.1 Update 9 for the ColibriDDC. This release contains the new firmware which fixes the switch OFF/ON issue.


Thanks to Florian DL3NEY, there is another software with TCI support: TCI-Hamlib Adapter. As Florian describes it: "It adapts TCI to the Hamlib network protocol. It implements enough Hamlib commands that WSJT-X, FLDigi, and CQRLog work. The "TCI-Hamlib Adapter" can run as a system service or simply be started manually, no need to manually compile a kernel module." You can find the program on his github page and some details about the setup on his blog.

TCI-Hamlib Adapter


We've created a web page where you can share your PROC profiles. It will help new users with the PROC menu adjustments and can bring something new to experienced users.

Share your PROC profile

And yet another software with TCI support by Florian DL3NEY: HamDeck. As Florian describes it: "HamDeck allows you to control and automate your ham radio station using an Elgato Stream Deck device. You can define buttons using a JSON configuration file. HamDeck connects to the local pulseaudio server, to a Hamlib rigctld server, or to ExpertSDR through the TCI protocol." You can find more information on his github page.


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