Please welcome ExpertSDR3 0.9.0 alpha!
Thanks to the testers group we have a stable and almost bug-free software. This time we've added a lot of new features and some of them are mind-blowing, you can find more information in the release notes document. Let us know what you think about them.

ExpertSDR3 0.9.0

We are happy to announce that from now on MSHV software also supports TCI.
Check out the official MSHV website for more information about the official release.


Also, another popular logger software declared TCI support - Log4OM. As always detailed information on the official web-site.


The first power amplifier with TCI support! RF-kit implemented TCI in their modern amplifiers. From now on hooking up RF-kit PA and Expert Electronics transceiver as easy and reliable as it never was.


There is a new device in our lineup - E-Coder2 control panel. E-Coder2 is the control panel of the new generation with an HQ built-in stereo audio codec 24 bit with 114 dB dynamic range (CS4272).
When you operate in RX mode the ExpertSDR2/3 sends the same audio stream in the TRX and in the E-Coder2. Thus you can listen to the air directly from the TRX or from the E-Coder2, the latency in both cases is the same - almost nonexistent. Also, in E-Coder2 we've implemented a special CW core to minimize latency if you monitor yourself during transmission. Now you can operate your TRX remotely, not bothering about possible monitoring delays, this is a new reality!
E-Coder2 will be especially useful for those who use the ExpertRemote system and who place their transceiver at any distance from the operating position.


Thanks to Martin (OK1RR) for creating the instruction: How to run TR4W contesting software under Linux with SunSDR2 DX by Expert Electronics. All Linux users should appreciate it.

TR4W contesting software under Linux

Expert Electronics