We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Next year will be better than the one before it, we will make sure of that!

Next week we'll publish a public release of ExpertSDR3 0.11.0 alpha!
New release - new features, more optimization. As always you will find detailed info about this version in the release notes.

ExpertSDR3 0.11.0

A new SunSDR2 DX review made by Werner Schnorrenberg will be published in CQ DL 1/2022 and 2/2022. You already can read it in pdf format.

In English

In German

Krisztian Hildebrand from ANICO Kft. made a really useful basic overview video of SunSDR2 DX and SunSDR2 PRO transceivers. It tells about hardware, IP address settings, and many other things newcomers may find very useful.


In October 2021 Johannes PA5X and Gerben PG5M took part in the IOTA DXpedition in Arguin Island, AF-050, Mauritania. Below you can find a link to the story behind this adventure.

IOTA DXpedition

SunSDR2 DX user from Spain - Ignat - published an article about SDR for a yacht on one of the most popular websites about IT technologies in Russia. You can use Google translator to read this article.


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