Connecting SunSDR2 transceiver to PC

09.01.2012 08:23

There are different ways to connect your transceiver. Choose the most appropriate for you from the listed below.

It should be mentioned that wire interface is the safest, high-speed and noiseproof . Wireless interface is the most convenient in use.

Connecting transceiver via wire Ethernet interface

1. Connecting transceiver directly to PC via wire Ethernet interface (LAN).

  • Connect your transceiver to PC with the help of LAN cable, included into the kit.
  • Turn on the transceiver.
  • Set IP-address for Windows XP or Windows Vista/7.
  • Launch ExpertSDR2 software and press Star”.


2. If you have already local network and its not 192.168.16.ххх and you need to change your IP address in SunSDR2

  • Connect your transceiver to PC via LAN-cable, included into the kit.
  • Turn on the transceiver.
  • Set static IP-address for Windows XP or Windows Vista/7.
  • Launch ExpertSDR2 software.
  • Change IP-adress in SunSDR2 transceiver.
  • Connect your transceiver to the local network via LAN-cable.
  • Now you can launch SunSDR2 from any PC from this network.


Connecting transceiver via wireless interface

1. Connecting transceiver directly to PC via built-in Wi-Fi-unit (without access-point)

It is the easiest way to connect transceiver to PC. The mandatory requirement is the support by the PC's wireless card 802.11n standard with data transfer rates from 150 Mbps. The recommended sampling frequency of the data stream in this case is 39,062.5 Hz. This rate is set in ExpertSDR2 program settings at the inlay Options-> SDR.




Figure 1 - Wireless connection of the transceiver to PC directly

  • Turn on the transceiver
  • Push “L/W (LAN/WLAN)” on the transceiver's rare panel
  • Wait till the yellow WLAN LED burns on the front panel of the transceiver
  • Connect to SunSDR2 Wi-Fi network. Make sure that connection rate via Wi-Fi is 150 Mbps or more.
  • Launch the ExpertSDR2 software and press the button “Start”.


2. Connecting transceiver to PC via an access point, the description in the document.

 Figure 2 - Connecting transceiver to PC via access point (router)

Setting IP-adress in Widows Vista/7

 1. Press the button Start in the low left corner in Windows. Choose Control Panel. Appear the menu, given at the figure 3. Choose Network and Sharing Center.



Figure 3 - PC's Settings window

2. In the appeared window (figure 4) choose Change adapter settings


Figure 4 - Window for viewing information about the net and connection settings


3. Choose network connection, where SunSDR2 is connected to. After that click the right button of the mouse on the icon and in the drop-down menu choose Properties (Figure 5).


Figure 5 - Local network connection properties


4. In the new window set the cursor on the Internet Protocol Version 4 and press the button Properties.



Figure 6 - Window Network Settings properties

5. Set IP-address and subnet mask as its shown at figure 5. These parameters are the same to the PC network adapter. Instead of number 50 in the IP-address you can point any number except 255 or 200. Transceiver's IP-address is by default. After setting press the button OK . The IP-address setting is completed.




Figure 7 - Window IP-address Settings

SunSDR2 transceiver's  IP-address adjustment

1. Launch ExpertSDR2 software and open set-up menu “Options-SDR”. In the SDR-address area point out current transceiver IP-address, it's by default. Options window is shown at figure 8.



Figure 8 - Setting current IP-address of the transceiver in ExpertSDR2 Software

2. Set the checkbox Expert. Further in the  New IP Address field set new IP-address, in our case it is, and press the button Set IP Address. After that transceiver will be available over the new address



Figure 9 - Setting the new IP-address of SunSDR2 transceiver

Changing the IP-address of the WLAN unit

By default the IP-address of the WLAN unit is set In this section will be given the example how to change IP address on

1. Connect to wireless SunSDR2 network and enter into the address field of the web-browser (e.g. Opera or Internet Explorer) the line After that appear the log on window, given at Figure 10. In the appeared window insert the User's name admin, password admin and press the button Send.


Figure 10 – Log on window

2. Enter menu Internet Settings -> System IP. For our example set IP-address to WLAN unit. Set the Default Gateway value and press the button Save (figure 11).



Figure 11 – Input window of WLAN unit's IP-address

3. Disconnect from SunSDR2 network. Set static IP-address to WiFi PC's card and connect to SunSDR2 network once again. Now WLAN unit are accessible over the address Insert the line to browser and enter menu Internet Settings -> LAN. Here we should write the range of network addresses. For example, set them in a way shown at the figure 12 (highlighted by red color) and press the button Save.


Figure 12 – Setting the IP-address range of DHCP service.

4. Disconnect from the SunSDR2 network. Enter the properties of PC's WiFi card and set Obtain IP-address automatically (figure 13). Now it is possible to connect to SunSDR2 wireless network.



Figure 13 – Setting the automatic IP-address receipt