ExpertRemote system:

September 2018 release:

» ExpertRC 1.3.0 alpha 2 - Expert Remote Client
» ExpertRC x64 1.3.0 alpha 2 - Expert Remote Client
» ExpertRS 0.5.0 (for Windows PC) - Expert Remote Server, works only with ExpertRC 1.3.0
» ExpertRS x64 0.5.0 (for Windows PC) - Expert Remote Server, works only with ExpertRC 1.3.0


April 2018 releases:

» ExpertRS 0.4.0 (for Linux) - Expert Remote Server, works only with ExpertRC 1.2.0

» ExpertRS 0.4.0 (for RPi3) - Expert Remote Server, works only with ExpertRC 1.2.0

» ExpertRC 1.2.0 - Expert Remote Client
» ExpertRC x64 1.2.0 - Expert Remote Client
» ExpertRC 1.2.0 for Linux - Expert Remote Client

» ExpertRC 1.2.0 for macOS - Expert Remote Client


2016 releases: 

» ExpertRS (for RPi3) - Expert Remote Server

» New ExpertRS (for RPi3) - Expert Remote Server for ColibriNANO and ColibriDDC receivers

» ExpertRS (for Windows PC) - Expert Remote Server

» ExpertRC - Expert Remote Client


ExpertRemote system user manual


If you want to use ExpertRS on Windows PC and control your SDR-device via Web-client, you have to follow these steps:

1. Download the portable version of Apache HTTP-server from the following link:

2. Unpack it to any folder on your PC.

3. In the unpacked folder find and start the file - start.bat.

4. Open a browser and type the address to address line: http://localhost:8080/

5. If you open this page from the other PC or another device, you should type the IP address of the computer with started SDR-server software.

For example



Additional software:
» ExpertSDR2 IQ Player - Software to playback the IQ files

IQ-files structure

» Expert Sync 1.1.0 - Software for synchronization of several devices, under control of the ExpertSDR2

Getting started manual for the Expert Sync software

» Expert VC - Software converter for the records of the voice recorder


List of software with TCI support:
From now on data exchange between ExpertSDR2 and SDC happens via brand new TCI interface. The new version of the SDC has its own integrated Skimmer for CW signals - SKM server, so thanks to Yuri Pavlov UT4LW, all our users have an access to a free, high-quality Skimmer. This SKM server gives you way less CPU load and 2 times higher accuracy than the closest competitor.
For more information about SDC see the User Manual, which is stored in the software folder.
» SDC_10.62 for Windows
» SDC_10.62 x64 for Windows
» SDC_10.62 for Linux
» SDC_10.62 for macOS

» LogHX by RX4HX, link to the latest pre-release builds

» SWISSLOG, link to their website

» RUMlog by Thoams Lindner, DL2RUM