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WSJt-X and MAC 30 Янв 2020 00:43 #1

  • xuanca
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Does anyone know how to configure the WSJT-X to get the Cat from the SunSDR12 DX ?. I have managed to decode the WSJT-X but the CAT does not take it from me and consequently it does not happen to TX

Juan Carlos
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WSJt-X and MAC 30 Янв 2020 08:36 #2

  • e72x
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Dear Juan,

I am not sure how is going on MAC because I am Windows user but logic is the same.
First you need to install some program which make virtual serial ports in you system ( I am not sure is it supported any software on MAC)
A way to emulate a serial device (RS232) on Mac maybe required plugging an Arduino (it requires hardware yes, but can emulate many other devices...


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WSJt-X and MAC 30 Янв 2020 12:27 #3

  • g0cgl
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  • Erik EI4KF / G0CGL
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You do NOT need serial ports if you use the MAC designed Rumlog which connects to ESDR2 via TCI. It is more simple and effective, and Rumlog is actually excellent software in itself.

Then connect WSJTx to ESDR2 via Rumlog.

The whole shebang with the most efficient outcome in terms of maximum decoding, relaible CAT and least PTT delay is:

- ExpertSDR2
- RumLog connected to ExpertSDR2 via TCI
- WSTJ-X connected to ExpertSDR2 via RumLog (for PTT switching and frequency)
- Soundflower as VAC (2ch-32bit 48kHz)

Do note though that WSJTx does not take advantage of 32 bit audio sampling (it is down-converted to 16 bit) and hence the high dynamic range of Expert Electronics products is lost, especially on crowded bands. Only the latest JTDX can do it - cloud.mail.ru/public/8TvN/5caghhFHB
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