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ТЕМА: gets very warm

gets very warm 03 Авг 2017 15:43 #1

  • Oreste
  • Oreste аватар
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good morning
The Colibri Nano gets very warm
it's a normal thing?
Thanks Oreste
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gets very warm 05 Авг 2017 10:39 #2

  • KTaylor
  • KTaylor аватар
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Mine too gets very warm/hot , I think this is due to the ADC using the casing as a heat sink.
I have used a short USB extension cable and now rest the whole NANO flat on a metal box and
this shunts away any generated heat fron the case and it never feels even warm now.
Whilst I guess it is desined to be fine at the running tempraure keeping it cool will extend the
life of any electronics and also prevent any thermal drift.
This little gem of a receiver is fantastic for reception and is ony left down slightly at present by
the avaiable software, I await the fix for ExpertRC to make waterfall sync with the spectrum on
mouse click tuning and also the windows version of ExpertRS, and maybe some further options via
the WebSDR browser frontend.
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gets very warm 17 Авг 2017 15:48 #3

  • Oreste
  • Oreste аватар
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Thank you Taylor
For your intervention.
The problem that the receiver becomes glowing even if the PC is turned off,
I always have to extract the receiver from the PC to avoid full glow days.
I would like to know from the manufacturer and i hope i will reply to this topic, is this all normal?
Thank you.
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gets very warm 18 Авг 2017 06:55 #4

  • Rome
  • Rome аватар
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Hi guys,
it's totally OK for the receiver to get hot, its normal operating temperature is +45...+55 C, for exact reasons stated by Taylor - ADC uses the casing as a heatsink.
Роман, Roman
Expert Electronics
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gets very warm 07 Сен 2017 11:25 #5

  • davegte
  • davegte аватар
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If you are worried about the heat (but what is hot to a human hand is not hot to silicon remember) just get a small heatsink or slab of metal and simply clip it to the body of the receiver. Almost anything will cool it appreciably. I run mine 'as-is' and it's been fine on 24/7 for several months. A friend has clipped a heatsink to his. It's cooler, but runs no better.

I too would like to urge the developers to fix the waterfall tuning issue on the Nano version of the client software. It makes it almost unusable so that in practice I am limited to web browser reception. Fine for mobile but frustrating in shack. I am not living the dream quite yet.
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