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ТЕМА: Which head set for the MB1

Which head set for the MB1 28 Июнь 2018 07:07 #1

  • zl1wn
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Can someone please tell me which headsets are recommended for the MB!.
The handheld mic that came with the MB1 is ok, but a bit harsh, but it means that one hand
is then occupied holding it.
A headset and a foot switch is much easier.

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Which head set for the MB1 28 Июнь 2018 07:22 #2

  • g0cgl
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  • Erik EI4KF / G0CGL
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Hello Ross, you can get as many different recommendations as answers hi. But my choice is the Audio Technica ATH-M50x headphones together with the AntLion ModMic microphone. This will attach to the side of the M50. It is an electret mic that uses the MIC1 connector.

M50x: www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/99aff89488ddd6b1/

ModMic: sunsdr.eu/product-category/accessories/modmic/

Footswitch: sunsdr.eu/product/footswitch-ptt-ee-cp-01/

The above combination is used by several MB1 owners besides myself and was the preferred choice for the 3B7A and FT4JA DXpeditions.

The M50x requires only a little mid-range boost from the MB1 RX EQ:

Вложение Capture2_2018-06-28.png не найдено

The ModMic requires very little adjustment from the MB1 TX EQ:

Вложение Capture1_2018-06-28.png не найдено

Both are worth serious consideration.

73 de Erik.
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Which head set for the MB1 20 Июль 2018 07:12 #3

  • HB9FXU
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Hi Ross
Im using just an ordinary gaming headset. ASUS ROG Orion Pro, something around $ 90.-
It has a built-in noise cancelling microphone which works very good with the MB1.

Connection can be made direct on front panels's Phones- and MIC1-Plug or with an included USB-Adapter. No drivers are needed on the pc side in usb-operation.

Then i tune the audio with the TX-EQ like Erik explained before. Additionally i use the Compressor.

Vy 73 de Thomas, HB9FXU
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Which head set for the MB1 14 Авг 2018 13:22 #4

  • Fernando_py1fr
  • Fernando_py1fr аватар
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Hi Ross and Friends,

I followed Eric's suggestion and bought the ATH-M50X headset and ModMic 4 microphone.
I am quite satisfied, both are very good.
73, PY1FR.

Fernando Rodrigues
Niterói - Rio de Janeiro
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