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ТЕМА: LOG4OM and Omnirig

LOG4OM and Omnirig 30 Июль 2020 10:22 #1

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I have recently been converted from Flex to SunSDR2 DX and apart from some initial teething problems it is certainly has been a good move.

However, I use LOG4OM and couldn't get ExpertSDR2 V1.3.1 to work successfully with Omnirig. Roman suggested that I use the SDC utility by Yuri Pavlov UT4LW, this worked straight away and has been completely stable. For those of you who don't know SDC it is similar to DDUtils.

This is my setup:

For the virtual ports I am using VSP Manager V1.0.3.01 by K5FR, though you can also use the free Com0com virtual port software, if you prefer.
SDC (Software Defined Connectors) V12.20x64.
Omnirig V1.19

Do not use the ExpertSD2 CAT connections at all, either com ports or Omnirig connections. Instead use SDC. In the TCI menu use TCI Client 1, then select RIG Emulator and select the primary virtual com port for Rx1 that you are using and then second pair primary for RX2. In Omnirig select Rig type as TS-480, the secondary virtual port for Rx1 that you are using, Speed 115200, Data Bits 8, Parity None, Stop Bits 1, RTS High, DTR High, Poll int 100, and Timeout 4000.

I now have ExpetSDR2 triggering to start SDC and LOG4OM and it all works flawlessly.

for those of you who don't know SDC it also has a CW Skimmer built in, which is much faster than Alex's VE3NEA version. Added to this lots of other goodies, a really good piece of software.

I also now have WSJTX and GridTracker all working fine.

I hope this is of some help to other users.

73, Andy F5VAI (G3HCU)
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