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ТЕМА: Latest Windows 10 version(s)

Latest Windows 10 version(s) 24 Июль 2019 14:54 #16

  • g0cgl
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  • Erik EI4KF / G0CGL
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Hello Arno, ok well done! Yes, EVO Pro is very fast and definitely the SSD to have now.

MB1 versions do have different motherboards but they are all variants on the MD11. It seems that is the only one that fits the case. It is a pity they did not opt for the NUC super-fast mini computer like they have in the Anan 7000DLE II i5 and i7 SDRs. So much easier to upgrade plus the graphics chip is vastly superior to the HD530/630. Maybe we'll get it in the MB1 DX model in 2020? Re-mortaging the house might be necessary though.

Well, you would think 1.3 will have to fixed sooner rather than later but there are not many signs of that happening. In fact I tried to sell my MB1 and trade it in for a Flex 6600M but the dealer would not take it. So guess I'm around to help on the EE Forum for a while longer :cry:

73 de Erik.
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Latest Windows 10 version(s) 24 Июль 2019 16:31 #17

  • efficace
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Hello everyone
I made a complete reset of the motherboard and downloaded the bios on the Gigabyte website. (Bios F8 and F9 MDH11KI-SI)

First test
update with the -afudos image.bin command
4 -Error: the rom file is not compatible with the existing bios romid

two test -afudos image.bin / X
4c -error rom layout of modified rom file

three test
with -flash image.bin
4c ​​-error rom files rom layout is changed

four test
with the file embedded_bios_ MDH11KI BIOS F1
It works well

the bios on the site Gigabyte does not seem compatible!
we need the expert electronics we provide the bios for the updates because I do not know how to download them

F4DNK Ingenieur Radar military S/390 IBM
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