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ТЕМА: How to make fullbreakin on cw

How to make fullbreakin on cw 10 Фев 2020 20:30 #1

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  • CW is King VHF-SHF EME
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It seems that the radio are not capable of fullbreakin will it be possible in the future?
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How to make fullbreakin on cw 11 Фев 2020 05:46 #2

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QSK is not implemented at the moment, there are two complications:
1. TX/RX switching relays in the antenna switch.
2. 60-90 ms latency in the RX mode.

Solutions are:
1. Create an external QSK antenna switch, based on pin-diodes. It will be placed in a small metal box with two RF ports, which will be directly screwed to two MB1 antenna ports (A1, A2), third RF port will function as antenna input. This box will be controlled via an ExtCTRL connector (solid-state switches PTT control via X8 switch).
For example:
A user should use the A1 antenna port for RX mode and A2 port for TX mode. Internal relays in the MB1's antenna switch will always be in a static enabled state, the actual switching will happen in an external box via the fast pin-diode switching. This fast switch will be controlled by the X8 open collector switch, from the ExtCTRL connector. It can be a small optional upgrade feature for QSK mode.

2. Implement the FIR low latency filter for RX mode, it will allow us to use the QSK mode.

We plan to work on both these features after the implementation of the Full-Duplex mode.
Роман, Roman
Expert Electronics
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