Footswitch PTT


Footswitch PTT is intended to switch the transceiver to TX mode

Compact handy footswitch  with (simultaneously - flex) cable and qualitative jack, used for connecting (Jack 6,3 mm) will make your work in the air more comfortable and will free your hands from PTT. Footswitch can be placed in any comfortable for you place due to a long two meter cable. This footswitch is developed specially for a SunSDR-transceiver set, but it can be also used with any other transceiver or transmitting-receiving technics. Footswitch can be easily connected with a help of applied color marking (yellow ring) at the end of the cable and at the device’s jack.
It is a good complete solution for those who wants to economy their time on cable wiring and spend it working on the air.

Cable wiring is given at the figure below




Cable length, m 2
Jack, mm JACK 6.3
Box material metal