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DOWNWARD EXPANDER 20 Апр 2021 15:22 #1

  • k1gmm
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Greetings team and all! 1st,very impressed with the dx so far. Amazing receive. tx audio and intuitive software! My wish would be to see a "downward expander" option in the software. My Anon has this and works incredibly well to suppress background noise such as fans and other annoyances in the shack having zero noticeable affect on the transmitted audio. That option alone would bring it to the next level in regards to the tx audio end. Otherwise, superb none the less.

Looking forward to the upcoming update!
Warm regards to team and all,
Steve K1GMM

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DOWNWARD EXPANDER 24 Апр 2021 22:46 #2

  • K0PJ
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Have you tried the Noise Gate on the EQ menu?
Greg K0PJ/9
Master Brewer & DXer
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DOWNWARD EXPANDER 25 Апр 2021 07:46 #3

  • R3IIN
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My friend Steve ! The noise suppressor for the transmission about which YOU asked is located in the "PROC" module in the Noise gate tab
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DOWNWARD EXPANDER 26 Апр 2021 09:21 #4

  • GW0NTM
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Having used the the Downward Expender in Thetis with my Anan 7000dle mk2, I can confirm that the noise gate in ExpertSDR does not perform the same function or achieve the same result. I'm also with Steve, and I really missed the Downward Expander (and Diversity and Pure Signal) when I got the SunSDR2 DX. With the far superior UI and remote options coming in ExpertSDR3, if the Expert Electronics team could deliver a downward expander, diversity reception and pure signal, they would have a truly world leading product.

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DOWNWARD EXPANDER 26 Апр 2021 12:48 #5

  • N8SDR
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Yes a Downward Expander PLEASE!!!!!!!

And correct the noise gate is not the same thing they are 2 entirely different concepts....

Difference between a “gate” and an “expander” is the degree of level reduction that is applied. Noise gates are aggressive and abruptly cut off the sound when the signal drops below the threshold. Expanders are subtle and smooth sounding they fade levels rather than mute them. expanders tend to sound more natural than gates because they do not completely turn off the signal. Expanders provide more control than gates. It’s much easier to dial in how fast the effect reacts to level changes with intuitive controls. Some downward expanders have a range setting, thatallows you to set the maximum amount of reduction or attenuation, so it never cuts the signal off entirely.

Hopefully this could be added to V3 in near future.
Please do not email me and ask for help I no longer will be part of this, If I could delete /remove my profile I would do so.
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