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ТЕМА: Ethernet: Auto or Manual

Ethernet: Auto or Manual 02 Сен 2022 18:01 #1

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This message came out of funny discussion on testers telegram channel. Auto-negotiation in Ethernet world was developed back to 1995 (as part of 802.3u). Still, surprisingly, a lot of people confused (primeraly out of ignorance, I suppose).

Why it is important in our case? Simply, because if you do it wrong, then you may screw it and will experience funny stuff (like "famous" cracklings, same famous "radio disconnection", etc).

Golden rule 1: do not f**king touch it (Auto), just leave it. Repeat: leave it Auto at every ehternet port - PC, switch (if in use), AP (if in use), router (if in use).
Rationale for the above rule (under spoiler)
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Golden rule 2: you have a right to experiment and find yourself a fun. Just remember to read and understand clause 28 of the IEEE 802.3 prior.
Remark for rule 2 (under spoiler):
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If you disagree with Golden rule 1, you better drop SunSDR and buy yourself classic TX without Ethernet - this will make your life much easier.

For those who are unsure, but lazy to read clause 28 of the IEEE 802.3 - here below (under spoiler) the brief explanation how Auto-negotiation works and why you better do not touch it unless it is absolutely nesessary (0.01% of the chance it is).
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