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This category was created to discuss various questions and topics regarding ExpertSDR2 operation.

ТЕМА: Shared PROC profiles

Shared PROC profiles 02 Сен 2021 21:47 #1

  • LA9RY
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There is a facility for uploading PROC profiles to share them.
Did anyone share a profile? I can't find any file to download.
73 de Knut LA9RY
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Shared PROC profiles 03 Сен 2021 07:40 #2

  • Rome
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Hi, Knut.
Just scroll down the page (eesdr.com/en/software-en/share-proc-profile) and press on the sign: ↓ DK2ST / MB1 ↓
Роман, Roman
Expert Electronics
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Shared PROC profiles 10 Сен 2021 18:00 #3

  • DD5MD
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I have tried to upload my PROC profile. Unfortunately all fields are mandatory which makes it complicated.

ExpertSDR2 has had the problem since I started using it on macOS that the "Line-Out to .wav" and "Line-Out to Sound Card" functions are unusable.

Everything that concerns my own audio is so violently overdriven that is not understandable. In version for Windows 10 it works fine. Whether it works with ExpertSDR3 is still open.

Even if everything would work, I would not have a profile without activated processor (Unfortunately, you can create only one profile in the macOS version without the profiles change (change frequencies), mix or be deleted completely with a program crash).

But I find the idea super to publish the profiles.

Best regards

Mathias, DD5MD
73 Mathias DD5MD
2x SunSDR2 DX
ExpertSDR2 Update 11
MacBook Pro (16", 2019), 2,6GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM
macOS Monterey 12.6
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Shared PROC profiles 27 Нояб 2021 18:38 #4

  • Gm1zvj
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Please keep sharing guys, looking for dx profile for both standard Yaesu hand mic and Sennheiser Pc3 headset . Thank so much.
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