companyExpert Electronics

Company was founded in 2009. The company develops and produces modern radio-electronic devices. Our key area at the present moment is Software Defined Radio technics. Nowadays this type of technics is actively implemented in the spheres of radio communication, radio broadcasting, digital data transmitting and also in scientific and other branches. Being engaged in the serial production of the SunSDR, our company is dynamically developing in order to satisfy all the needs of people, who are interested in radio communication both at the territory of Russia and in other countries.

Expert Electronics collaborates with different organizations in order to satisfy their needs in professional equipment based on SDR. Hardware produced by us (SunSDR) is a universal platform for different tasks with general coverage frequency between 1-60 MHz, which is able to receive and transmit any types of signals with the band up to 190 kHz and implement fast frequency scanning. A software part (ExpertSDR) at the present moment works with all main types of modulations, which are used in radio broadcasting, amateur and professional medium.
Except serial production, Expert Electronics is engaged in development of ordered radio electronic devices. We are ready to produce unique SDR-equipment according to your personal technical requirement or we will develop it together.

Our solutions – new opportunities.