Expert Electronics

Our company was founded in 2009. We develop and manufacture modern radio-electronic devices, our key area is the Software Defined Radio. Nowadays, this kind of devices is actively implemented in radio communication, broadcasting, digital data transmitting and in scientific and other spheres. Being engaged in the serial production of the branded SDR devices, our company is dynamically developing in order to satisfy the various requirements of our customers, who are interested in radio communication both in Russia and abroad.

The hardware-software platform we develop is universal, but it can be modified in order to satisfy our customers' needs. In addition to serial SDR production, we are engaged in the development of unique SDR for special needs. We collaborate with different organizations, supplying them with professional equipment based on SDR. Our software (ExpertSDR2) works with all main mode types, which are used in radio broadcasting, amateur, and professional radio.

Our solutions provide you with new opportunities.

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