Transceiver MB1

Many radio amateurs use PC with the classical transceiver. In one case it is notebook, in other – desktop computer. Connection between those two devices is done in accordance with the User's preference. Somebody connects additional USB interfaces, somebody solder the wire harness. When there appear a question to go to contest station with the tuned working station, moving of the equipment becomes “the pain in the neck”. In such a case it is desirable to have everything in one box. All the connections can be done with a help of virtual audio cables and COM-ports, connecting the second monitor, mouse, keyboard and also to control the enjoyable radio by knobs and buttons on the transceiver's face panel.

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The SunSDR2 PRO transceiver is designed for advanced use in HF and VHF bands. Even the most experienced operator will be surprised by its capabilities. The modern hardware in a small physical size makes this high performance SDR transceiver the perfect base station while at the same time very portable for field operations.

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SunSDR2-transceiver - is an up-to-date system of the amateur radio communication in the HF and VHF frequency bands with the digital signal processing. This device is intended to work with the PC via Ethernet (LAN) or via WiFi. The receiver path is based on the direct conversion principle, transmitting – on the direct synthesis.

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Transceiver SunSDR2 QRP is an entry level transceiver with the wide range of functions. It allows to make various software systems for solving any radio amateur tasks. All that can be done with a help of work with ExpertSDR2 software and the advantages of using direct sampling. LAN interface allows to connect the transceiver to wire and wireless networks, providing comfortable accommodation of it at any place while the arrangement of a work place.

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Transceiver is intended for the joint work with PC and sound card. This device opens absolutely new opportunities for the Users, because it’s possible now, not only to hear the signals from the stations, but also to see them on a screen of the SDR-program. It is also possible to record the signal from the air and to reproduce it into the air back. Small number of the components reduces the level of noise floor.

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