ExpertRemote system (legacy edition)

Published on January 23rd, 2020:

» ExpertRS 0.6.6 - Expert Remote Server for Windows
» ExpertRS x64 0.6.6 - Expert Remote Server for Windows
ExpertRS x64 0.6.6- Expert Remote Server for Linux
» ExpertRC 1.3.0 Update1 - Expert Remote Client for Windows
» ExpertRC x64 1.3.0 Update1 - Expert Remote Client for Linux
» ExpertRC 1.3.0 Update1 - Expert Remote Client for macOS

Expert Remote Server for RPi is not available for download from our website anymore.
We are working on an absolutely new architecture for the ExpertRS, as soon as it'll be available we publish the news on our Forum and Facebook page.

ExpertRemote system user manual 1.1.1
ExpertRemote system manual de usuario (in Spanish) 1.1.1

If you want to use ExpertRS on Windows PC and control your SDR-device via Web-client, you have to follow these steps:
1. Download the portable version of Apache HTTP-server from the following link:
2. Unpack it to any folder on your PC.
3. In the unpacked folder find and start the file - start.bat.
4. Open a browser and type the address to address line: http://localhost:8080/
5. If you open this page from the other PC or another device, you should type the IP address of the computer with started SDR-server software.
For example

ExpertRemote system reviewed by Werner Schnorrenberg (DC4KU) (November 2019)
Published in Funkamateur 3-2020