Welcome to the new generation of ExpertSDR software!

In 2021 we turn a new page in our history by launching the ExpertSDR3. Until the end of 2021, we plan to expand ExpertSDR3 functionality to the level of ExpertSDR2 and add some other new features made possible by the new architecture.

ExpertSDR3 software is being tested on the latest versions of Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, and macOS (with Intel CPU). To report software bugs please use this page.

For the ExpertSDR3 release, we've prepared a new CW core for all our transceivers. To use the new CW core, in the TX mode, you need to download a folder with ExpertSDR2 1.3.1 Update 9 from here and update the firmware of your transceiver. After that, with the ExpertSDR3, you'll be able to use the new CW core with expanded functionality.
This firmware update procedure is caused by the fact that ExpertSDR3 cannot update device firmware at the moment. In June we'll add this capability.

In the future, we'll try to keep the same firmware for both ExpertSDR3 and ExpertSDR2, this way you'll be able to swiftly switch between software versions.

ExpertSDR3 0.7.0 alpha

Download Windows Download Linux Download macOS

The list of functions to be added during 2021:

  • E-Coder panel support
  • Synchronization system with third-party software and devices which use CAT protocols and VAC for signal transfer
  • SPOTs display on the panorama
  • IQ player and voice recorder
  • Waterfall as in the ExpertSDR2
  • Complete remote control system with the support of transmission
  • Hotkeys
  • MB1 GUI
  • MB1 front panel support
  • Bandscope support
  • Implementation of Lineout with recording into AudioFile
  • ExpertSync protocol support
  • Support of the auto-launch of the third-party software along with the ExpertSDR3
  • Interface customization
  • Profiles support
  • Control of the receiver and transmitter DSP
  • Implementation of the bandstack and quickmem
  • VOX support
  • Some admin calibrations will be available for adjustments to users
  • Antenna tuner support for MB1 and SunSDR2 DX
  • Automatic preamp support for ColibriNANO

ExpertSDR3 minimal system requirements:

  • 2 or 4 core CPU Intel Core i3 or Core i5
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Video card with 512 MB or higher