Welcome to the new generation of ExpertSDR software!

In 2021 we turn a new page in our history by launching the ExpertSDR3. Until the end of 2021, we plan to expand ExpertSDR3 functionality to the level of ExpertSDR2 and add some other new features made possible by the new architecture.

ExpertSDR3 software is being tested on the latest versions of Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu, and macOS (with Intel CPU). To report software bugs please use this page.

ExpertSDR3 0.9.0 alpha

Download Windows Download Linux Download macOS


Server software (Starter)

Download Windows Download Linux


Release Notes for the ExpertSDR3 0.9.0

  • Added a module where you can select third-party software to be launch along with the ExpertSDR3
  • Implemented Scalable waterfall
  • Now you can control waterfall speed
  • For ColibriNANO implemented auto-preamp
  • For ColibriNANO implemented "ADC overload" indication
  • Implemented ExpertSync module, the server is a part of the ExpertSDR3 Device Manager, and clients are in every ExpertSDR3 client-instance. It allows you to sync tuning frequencies, modes, filter BW and RIT among all EE devices
  • To E-Coder knobs you can assign volume and monitoring
  • Fixed bugs from the previous alpha
  • E-Coder panel support
  • ExpertRemote system for RX mode
  • TX modulator settings
  • PTT function
  • Break-In function for each software RX
  • Firmware update capability
  • New TCI 1.5 (specification)
  • Fixed numerous bugs from the previous alpha
  • Memory panel operation was improved (CTCSS / repeater settings are stored in memory, now you can apply them for each receiver)
  • Improved Band Manager (added: PA key control, set max output power for per band, and adjust additional preamp/ATT coefficient for external preamp/ATT)


ExpertSDR3 minimal system requirements:

  • 2 or 4 core CPU Intel Core i3 or Core i5
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Video card with DirectX11 or higher support