Bug report for the Alpha/Beta/RC

This page was created to help us synchronize your feedback for the published Alpha/Beta/RC versions of the ExpertSDR2. Below we'll list all known and reported bugs for the latest published software version. If you've experienced a bug not listed here, please let us know, mentioning your PC parameters (CPU, RAM, video card). If the issue concerns a visual display of the software please mention your display size and resolution.

  1. Waterfall issue – with high spectrum resolution and squeezed panorama, thin width stations (like CW) might not be displayed.
  2. RX2 BreakIn does not work (software limitation).
  3. Ext reference cannot be used in MB1, SunSDR2 QRP (firmware issue).


Not Bugs

Here we'll list certain peculiarities of hardware and software operation which may seem like bugs but in fact, just the way the system works at the moment.

  1. VOX operation with RX1 and RX2.
    By default, the priority to use VOX is going to RX1, so if you use both RX1 and RX2 simultaneously, VOX operates on RX1 TX frequency. To use VOX on RX2 TX frequency, RX1 should be set to the mode which cannot use VOX: CW, DRM, DIGL/DIGU.
    We'll try to make VOX operation more comfortable in the ESDR3.
  2. A specific operation of the antenna switch, when there is one ADC and two software RXs.
    Since there is one ADC, both RXs use the same ANT input, that is why when you use RXs on different bands, you still use one ANT input for both of them.
    When you switch the RX1 (main) to the other band, ANT input is also changing for the RX2, example:
    You operate on the 40M band, using both RX1 and RX2 on ANT3 input. Then you move the RX1 to the 80M band, which was set up for ANT2, thus both RX1 and RX2 switch to ANT2 input.
    We know that it is not the most convenient way to operate two software RXs, we'll try to make it more comfortable in the ESDR3.