Bug report

Please report bugs or issues you find in the ExpertSDR3 using the GitHub system, link - https://github.com/ExpertSDR3/ExpertSDR3-BUG-TRACKER
Doing that, follow the rules below.

1. Read the list of the current issues. Avoiding duplications is a very important goal, so please pay attention to what is already there. If you see the report, which is close, but not exactly what you want to report – good practice is to contact the author and confirm. It's better to add something to the existing report rather than create a new one.

2. Fill in the Title: please be short, descriptive, and informative. The Title is meant to be easily readable by everyone. Correct Title is a great deal to prevent duplications.

3. Fill in the “Write” section. Please remember that no one is expecting you to be perfect from the start, however, there is good practice to look at examples. We recommend you to use the following template:
* Device and serial number
* ExpertSDR3 version and build number
* OS: Windows 10/ macOS/ Linux Ubuntu – under which OS you have confirmed the issue
* Your PC parameters briefly.
* Description: full and most descriptive information about the bug/issue
* Correlations: indicate if you found any dependencies or conditions under which an issue/bug occurs.
* Reproduction steps – describe if applicable

4. Please note that adding info to the existing report (as the report progresses) is important. If you find new or corrective information – please submit it ASAP. As usual, please keep it short, but as much descriptive as possible.



If you'd like to suggest a new feature or have some ideas, which might improve ExpertSDR3, please share your thoughts with us using the GitHub system, link - https://github.com/ExpertSDR3/ExpertSDR3-SUGGESTIONS.