System of amateur radio communication

      with digital signal processing



SunSDR2 transceiver - is an up-to-date system of the amateur radio communication in the HF and VHF frequency bands with the digital signal processing. This device is designed to work with the PC via Ethernet (LAN) or via WiFi. Receive path is based on the direct conversion principle, transmission path – over the direct synthesis principle. 

Main capabilities 

  • Separate independent receive path based on Direct Down Conversion principle (DDC)
  • Separate independent transmitter, based on the Direct Up-Conversion principle (DUC)
  • Full or half-duplex mode *
  • Antenna switch for 2 antennas in HF
  • Built-in power-meter and SWR-meter in HF band
  • External control connector for other devices, 10 powerful keys with open collector
  • ALC connector for external power amplifiers
  • Input connector for connecting PTT footswitch
  • Input connector for connecting CW-key
  • Output Jack for headphones, impedance 8-10000 Ohm
  • Microphone input Jack for electret microphone
  • Microphone connector with PTT switch Yaesu MH-31, which contains microphone, PTT button and 3 additional functional buttons
  • Protection from polarity reversal
  • Ethernet LAN interface provides galvanic isolation between transceiver and PC
  • Transceiver's calibrations are kept inside the device. No need for primary calibration
  • The possibility of remote work. PTT footswitch and CW-key are connected to the E-Coder panel, microphone – to the PC

* Full duplex mode is supported by the transceiver's hardware but is not software implemented. This mode will be supported in the future ExpertSDR2  software versions.

Application field

  • Radio Amateur HF/VHF transceiver
  • Remote reception point for contests
  • SO2R/SO2V working contest-station
  • Spectrum analyzer with the spectrum scope up to 80MHz
  • Record air stations with the further reproducing

PC requirements

  • Processor Intel Core i3 and higher
  • Video card supporting the technology of OpenGL 1.5 and higher and RAM 256 Mbyte and more
  • Local network connector 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps
  • OS Windows XP/7/8 x32 or x64, OS Linux Ubuntu x64


ExpertSDR2 program is used to support SunSDR2 transceiver. At the present moment software works in the receiving mode and maintains two independent channels with the bands up to 312 kHz. DSP library, developed by the company Expert Electronics, allowed improving the receipt quality and higher the software reliability. Two OS are supported: Windows 8 and Linux Ubuntu.

Block diagram

SunSDR2 blockdiag en

Transceiver SunSDR2 configuration

The transceiver can have additional option WiFi unit for work in wireless networks. In accordance with it at the rear panel can be either set or not WA connectors and the delivery set is changed.

Basic configuration:

  • Transceiver SunSDR2. At the rear panel of the basic model, there is no SMA connector for WiFi antenna
  • LAN-cable for connecting to local network
  • Power cable for connecting the transceiver to power supply
  • Two audio-adapters  JACK 6.3mm to JACK 3.5mm for connecting PC's headset to transceiver

Maximum configuration:

  • Transceiver SunSDR2. At the rear panel of the model is set SMA connector for WiFi antenna
  • LAN-cable for connecting to local network
  • Small-size WiFi antenna
  • Power cable for connecting the transceiver to power supply
  • Two audio-adapters  JACK 6.3mm to JACK 3.5mm for connecting PC's headset to transceiver

Additional configuration:

In addition to the basic transceiver's configuration can be purchased the following devices:

  • Switched power supply  for voltage 15 V current 5A
  • PC's headset  with electret microphone
  • SDR control panel E-Coder or E-Coder Mini kit for remote comfortable work


General coverage receiver in HF, MHz 0.09...65
General coverage receiver in VHF, MHz 95...148
Frequency coverage in HF in TX mode, MHz All amateur frequencies
Frequency coverage in VHF in TX mode, MHz 144...148
Sensitivity, uV 0,07
Maximum transmitter's output power in HF, W 20
Maximum transmitter's output power in VHF, W 8
Blocking dynamic range in HF mode (BDR), dB 120
Blocking dynamic range in VHF mode (BDR), dB >114
RF ADC clock frequency, MHz 160
RF ADC resolution, bit 16
RF DAC clock frequency, MHz 640
RF DAC resolution, bit 14
Recommended power supply, V 15
Supply voltage range, V 12...16
Local oscillator's stability, ppm +/- 0.5
Maximum consumption current, А 5
Built-in audio codec resolution, bit 24
ALC input voltage range, V 0..4
Dimensions, mm 165х165х35
Operating temperature, Celsius degree 0...+70
Weight, kg 1


pdf ExpertSDR2 User Manual v.1.3

ExpertSDR2 User Manual v1.3 for SunSDR2 transceiver 02-June-2017

pdf  Brochure SunSDR2 transceiver

Main characteristics of the SunSDR2 transceiver are given in the document

pdf  SunSDR2 Quick start

Short instruction how to connect the SunSDR2 transceiver to PC

pdf SunSDR2 Product Brief

SunSDR2 Product brief 2012

pdf  ExpertSDR2 and CW Skimmer

This guide describes how to setup ExpertSDR2 for use with one or two CW Skimmers


Useful schemes

 pdf Block Diagram for MO2R mode with SunSDR2

This Block Diagram can be used for organization of the two operator's workstations with a single transceiver SunSDR2. This scheme was tested one of our country's club stations and showed interesting results when working in contests.

 pdf Connecting to SunSDR2 of external PA, fan and relay

In the document, you can find information about how to connect to external PA. Described the connection to transceiver a fan and relay to control the external BPF, antenna switch, etc.

pdf Schematic diagram for connection VL-1000(Yaesu) and SunSDR2

This schematic diagram provides you to create special control cable by own hands. With this cable, you can connect the SunSDR2 transceiver to VL-1000 power amplifier from Yaesu and control bands switching and PTT mode.
Also, you can use this schematic diagram for building additional cables for control PA, antennas switches etc.



Warning! Software for each device is different! Double-check your device before downloading!


installer ExpertSDR2 v.1.2.0 beta 6_SunSDR2_PRO
Firmware v. 41.8 dd: 02-11-2016


pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 beta_6_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 beta_5_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 beta_4_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 beta_3_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 beta_2_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 beta_1_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 alpha_5_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 alpha_4_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 alpha_3_Release_Notes

pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 alpha_2_Release_Notes
pdf ExpertSDR2 1.2 alpha_Release_Notes


installer ExpertSDR2 v.1.1.3
Firmware v. 41.8 dd: 02-11-2016


installer ExpertSDR2 v.1.1.3_North America
Firmware v. 41.8 dd: 02-11-2016


To use the ExpertSDR2 software, please install the Visual Studio Redistributable 2015 x86 (32bit) either from the ExpertSDR2 installer or from the official Microsoft website:


 Linux x64 (created by Ubuntu 16.04)

installer ExpertSDR2 v.1.2.0 beta 6

Firmware v. 41.8 dd:02-11-16


installer ExpertSDR2 v.1.1.3_North America
Firmware v. 41.8 dd: 02-11-2016

mac oc x macOS

installer ExpertSDR2 v.1.2.0 beta 6

Firmware v. 41.8 dd:02-11-16

ExpertSDR2 works on macOS 10.12 Sierra (earlier versions weren't tested).



Articles and Reviews

pdf  SunSDR2 article FUNKAMATEUR (August 2014)

Article in German magazine FUNKAMATEUR about SunSDR2 transceiver (German language)