Please welcome ExpertSDR3 0.10.0 alpha!
New release - new features, more optimization. As always you can find detailed info about this version in the release notes.

Important notes:
  • Remote client in ExpertSDR3 does not work under macOS Monterey.
  • Before the installation of the Windows version of ExpertSDR3, delete the existing settings folder first and only then install the new version.

    ExpertSDR3 0.10.0

Thanks to Pavel (VK6NX), we've launched a new system for bug reports and suggestions on GitHub. In the future, please report bugs and offer your suggestions using this system.
Also, on GitHub you'll find an independent page for TCI. In ExpertSDR3 0.10.0 we've implemented a new TCI 1.7, next week we'll publish a newly redesigned documentation for the TCI protocol.

Bug report and Suggestions

Rick N8SDR made an amazingly detailed video about the setup of the new ERS (Expert Remote System). I suggest watching it for anyone who plans to use the new ERS.


Ali UI3A developed a TTYBRIDGE application that allows you to use RTTY in a setup of N1MM — SDC — TCI — ESDR2/3 — SunSDR. To know more about this application follow the link below. Use Google Translate in Google Chrome to read it.


This Fall HamRadioConcepts YouTube channel released a series of reviews for SunSDR2 RPO, SunSDR2 DX, and recently for the MB1 Prime.



MB1 Prime

Expert Electronics