Hello everyone.
Last week we've begun to clean up our Forum. At the moment, it’s clogged with:
- outdated bug reports
- closed support tickets
- unanswered posts
- discussions about old software versions
- trivial questions with answers in user manuals or FAQ page
- duplicates
- topics posted in unrelated categories etc.

The process will take a while, but it’s definitely worth it. There is a huge number of obsolete posts which make it difficult for users to navigate among them, especially for newcomers. So before creating a new topic on the Forum, please make sure required information is not available in the User Manual, on the FAQ page or was not already discussed on the Forum. Make sure you open a new topic in a correct category, this is very important.
As soon as the Forum is clear, we’ll try to keep it this way. The purpose of the Forum is to discuss your user experience, share ideas, setups, PROC profiles etc. We’ve rearranged some categories and created a new one.
We hope that this Forum change will make your overall experience with us even better.

Also, we want to remind you that we’ve created a GitHub page for the purposes of reporting bugs and suggestions, please you this system in the future. It's important to follow the rules while reporting a bug, this way it's easier to understand, thus easier to fix. Note that programmer does not reply to bug reports, he just closes them when the bug is either fixed, was not created according to the rules or mistakenly reported.