Hello everyone.

Today we'd like to share with you the results of the HAM SPIRIT CONTEST 2022. With pride, we announce that RU7M team earned the first place in the category “Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter” SSB with the following results 948 QSO * 379748 points. Operators:
RN6LHF – Vasily Vasilev, Expert Electronics Director
RW6MD – Eugeny Popov, Expert Electronics Tech support engineer
R7LV - Vlad Lesnichy, Coach

The team used SunSDR2 DX transceivers and 1kW power amplifier.

We thank the sponsor of this category, RCC company.

IMG 20230214 103822

IMG 20230214 103308

IMG 20230214 102432

IMG 20230214 102414