Hello everyone.

We have a huge announcement today! In August, we will release a new E-Coder2 SE control panel, it’ll be available worldwide! New E-Coder2 SE is manufactured on Taiwan, which allowed us to implement several hardware changes:
1. 3 mm aluminum case makes the new panel as sturdy as an armored plate.
2. It weighs 574 gr vs 352 for standard version, additional grams enhance the panel’s grip on your table.
3. New coating of the main encoder and new bottom bezel with scale marks, they just look nice.
4. Three black anodized encoders on top, they look even nicer :-)

Here are literally the first photos we've got from the manufacturing. Hope you’ll like our new invention, let us know your thoughts about it.

E Coder2 comparison

E Coder2 SE 1

E Coder2 SE 2

E Coder2 SE 3

E Coder2 SE 4

E Coder2 SE 5

E Coder2 SE 6

E Coder2 SE 7

E Coder2 SE 8