Hello everyone!

Today, we release the first version of the User Manual for the ExpertSDR3 software (SunSDR2 DX edition). This is definitely the best User Manual we’ve ever created! We’ve filled it with all the knowledge we have at hand about ExpertSDR3 software and SunSDR2 DX hardware.
Most information about ExpertSDR3 presented in this User Manual is applicable to all our devices, both transceivers and receivers. So, whether you have an MB1 or ColibriDDC this document will be useful for you too.

Of course, this document will continue to grow, we already have several ideas how to expand it further. We welcome you to share your suggestions and ideas about what’s missing and what could we add in it onGitHub.

We thank Pavel VK6NX and his associate, who desired to be left incognito (nameless), for their huge help. Without them, this document wouldn’t look or sound as good as it is now.

If anyone would like to translate this User Manual to his native language, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we’ll present a Word document for your convenience.