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In this category you can discuss how to connect a third party software (loggers, CW Skimmer etc.) or devices to ExpertSDR3.

TOPIC: MSHV with RadioSync for JTMS, MSK144 frequency tracking

MSHV with RadioSync for JTMS, MSK144 frequency tracking 17 May 2023 18:16 #1

Hi, I am not very computer literate and tend to get things working by trial and error. I have a SunSDR2dx and have it working from my router. All is good I use MSHV via TCI which was very easy to set up. However TCI cannot be used for some modes such as JTMS and FSK144. These are important modes for me as a VHF operator.
So I was told about Radiosync and tried to use it. I have got it to RX and TX audio to work and PTT is fine. However, the SDR does not follow the MSHV frequency and MSHV does not follow the radio frequency. I may be doing something simple wrong but I've exhausted my ability and swapping parameters. Can anyone suggest anything??
Attached are screenshots of the TCI and MSHV set up pages.
thanks and 73 David G0LBK
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