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In this category you can discuss how to connect a third party software (loggers, CW Skimmer etc.) or devices to ExpertSDR3.

TOPIC: Wellbrook loop with SunSDR and TCI-based fine tuning

Wellbrook loop with SunSDR and TCI-based fine tuning 17 Aug 2021 02:43 #1

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My FLX1530LN is (finally) arrived, making it the trigger for the next TCI-based project. Here (below) is what we are trying to do, and if someone from community is interested / want to participate / has an idea - welcome.

The general idea is to have a loop mounted outside on rotator and operate it in fully automated mode with using TCI-based NR / NB / APF (all filters with automatically adjusted - where applicable - Taps, Delay, Gain) to achieve maximum signal to noise (band floor) ratio.

Due to SW feature set we are going to focus on ESDR3 only. This is due to the fact that currently EE has no plans to expand TCI above v1.5 to ESDR2. TBH, I do not see much problem, it simply has to be ESDR3, as it does support all current EE's transceivers.

To prevent the common question - yes, I know that TCI currently does not have filter commands in it. The key word is "currently" :) - few months ago (and precisely in correlation of this current project) I have submitted to EE the request to expand TCI with:

PREAMP - Controls preamp settings (PREAMP_SET: arg1;)
NR - Controls NR settings (NR_SET: arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4,arg5;)
ANF - Controls ANF settings (ANF_SET: arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4,arg5;)
CW_APF - Controls CW APF settings (CW_APF: arg1,arg2,arg3;)
SSB_APF - Controls SSB APF settings (SSB_APF: arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4;)
NB1 - Controls NB settings (NB1: arg1,arg2;)
NB2 - Controls NB settings (NB2: arg1,arg2;)

Those above, once implemented in ESDR3 TCI, will be used as part of "SNR search" mechanism.

The rotator I will be using Yaesu G-450A (updated with ESP32 and two relays for left and right direction).

The functionality (as it seen at this stage) should be - while you tune to stations with Wellbrook on A2 (or A3, whatever you dedicate for receive only) and if "auto"mode engaged, the automated tuning starts to measure SNR and try variations of Preamp, NR, NB, APF to achieve maximum available ratio.

We are still discussing the UI interface for tuning logic. As the minimum, I will be integrating it into ATUconnect, however it is also easy, to make standalone interface for it.

Further questions - welcome here or via email.
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