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TOPIC: CW on OSX 13.5 Ventura

CW on OSX 13.5 Ventura 28 Aug 2023 15:56 #1

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Dear all

So far, everything works smoothly on my OSX 13.5 Ventura using an M2 processor.
But I have two questions before changing my OS from OSX 13.5 to Windows :roll: .

Going through the EESDR3 User Manual, which is indeed very clear and detailed and very useful to understand many features that I was not aware of, I still have two "easy" questions, mainly related to remote operation:

- On page 24 it is explained how a CW paddle can be connected to a PC to operate the rig remotely, supposed to be within the same subnet. But it only applies to Windows and Linux. I understand that OSX has its USB ports much more protected and there is no option to use the described set-up and a USB-COM converter to connect the paddle also to a OSX PC. Any successful solution will be very welcome. The use of an E-coder 2 is the other solution, but much more expensive. Interesting enough, the E-coder 2 does have solved the USB driver issue on OSX as it should work smoothly even up to Ventura.

- On page 123 remote operation is described very detailed. Again, the Server con only be installed on Windows or RPi, but not on a OSX PC. Is there a known work around to install it on an OSX PC? I know, RPi are cheap.
Anyhow, it is true that it is clearly said that remote operation of CW does not yet work. I suppose that this will be solved by the final version of EESDR3. For this reason I do not want to start to invest here, but only make some small tests to check remote operation.

May I also add some suggestion to the final version of EESDR3 and the manual.

- As described in point 16.7.7 in page 74 the visuals can be adjusted by the user. It could be useful to be able to go back to a default value, in case someone has fiddled around and messed up al the colours and timings, without resetting the rig. I will add this also to the suggestions section.

- In section 16.5.1, the spectrum scope is described. I am still a little bit confused about the use of the zoom marker. I am sure it is my fault and I need some more practice. Regarding the text, maybe in the manual pointing to the figure and saying that the "RX filter" mentioned in the text is the red line in the Spectrum scope would be useful. When reading carefully section 18.8 I started clicking on the filters on the right upper corner, thinking these were the reception filters. I haven't seen anywhere (probably I have missed it) in the manual mentioning that the red line is called "RX filter".

Thank you for reading!
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