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This category was created to discuss various questions and topics regarding ExpertSDR3 operation.

TOPIC: Firmware Downgrade procedure: ESDR3-to-ESDR2 ("I am Stuck" Series)

Firmware Downgrade procedure: ESDR3-to-ESDR2 ("I am Stuck" Series) 11 Oct 2022 05:39 #1

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This is second issue of our very successful "I am Stuck"©™ Series.


The Story
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

The Challenge
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

The Conspiracy
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

For this demostration I am using macbook, however, it is absolutely the same step-by-step in Windows and Linux.

As per "I am Stuck"©™ Series tradition" - fair warning, before we start.

Warning! The below guide will require incredible effort from its follower:
1. Ability to read and understand line by line (not jumping down up, missing the paragrahps, as usual)
2. Follow the instruction step by step (that is hard, we know, but essential)

1. You have (accidentaly, of course) installed ESDR3 alpha/beta
2. You are desperate to divert back to ESDR2
3. You have tried everything
4. You are confident to be "Stuck"
5. You have SS2 / SS2 Pro / DX hardware version (not applicable to MB1, for MB1 downgrade contact EE support)
6. You have compatible Win / Mac / Linux OS

Step-by-step instruction:

1. Read this guide line by line, before even touching anything.

2. Read this guide again. Line by line. Now with attention, yes?

3. Set proper IP address
3.1)Using ESDR3, set the transceiver IP to default:


When you click "Set new address" button, the ESDR3 will pop up, asking if you reaaly want is - click "Yes". The next two windows will pop up - one is confirming that new IP address is set and next one, just a second after first, saying "Failed to read device calibrations!":


Do NOT panic. Do not PANIC as well. The message "Failed to read device calibrations!" is (completely, purely, absolutely) normal. That is how it ment to be. Just press OK and go to next step.

3.2)Completely close ESDR3.

3.3)Power off and power back on the transceiver.

4. Make sure you connect transceiver to PC with direct RJ45 LAN cable. Remember? You have got the working cable somewhere before, when you bravely decided to upgrade, hah? Go get it, you will need it now.

5. Change IP address of your PC to with mask (no default gateway and no DNS required
Somehow I am sure 95% of readers are still on WiFi, when come to this step ... Hence, here is the hard part - it is time to get direct cable between PC and transceiver.

See? I have only PC-transceiver network active. Shutdown all other networks (WiFi, dual LAN, whatever you may have on your PC) for a moment untill successful downgrade:


6. Make sure, that when PC and tranceiver are powered up, the transceiver power LED is solid green. If it is not (flashing or whatever but solid green -> then you network connection is faulty -> troubleshoot and get it working, before you go to next step).

7. Make sure your PC network adapter set to Auto Negotiation.
(When you did the upgrade, you may ask yourself "why?" Well, if you really think you need that extra knowledge, just read here. And the reason Step 7 is here - just because, by our experience, there are smart users who are already have messed up with Auto Negotiation, resulted in failing upgrade-downgrade FW.)

8. Remind yourself the direfence between "Device Manager" and "Firmware Manager". If you have Dory-fish-like memory, just see Step 8 in previous issue of our very successful "I am Stuck"©™ Series.

9. Double check that transceiver is powered, LED is solid green and transceiver is connected to PC via RJ45 cable. Open terminal window and type 'ping'.
The correct result you should get:


The incorrect result is below, if you get it - troubleshoot (wonder how many will be able to define from this screenshot why it is failing):


9.1 Launch ESDR3 and double check if it is seeing the transceiver with correct IP address and port:


9.2 Completely close ESDR3 and double check if there is no any of its process (or part of it) still running in background.

10. Launch ESDR2 (you can use any version of 1.3.1, I am using 'update 8').

11. Press On/Off button on ESDR2 - it will pop up, saying you need to update Firmware. Click yes.
I know that some of you, genious, will try to do that different (their own) way. And will get stuck. Well... that is why we have this very successful "I am Stuck"©™ Series, savvy? Just do it as it said: Press On/Off button on ESDR2:


11.1 For DX user only: The Firmware update (popup) process will go throug step 1, then reset and complete in a total few seconds.
Now you all set and can start using ESDR2.

11.2 For SS2/SS2Pro users only: if the Firmware update (popup) process is sitting with no move for more than 30 sec, then:
11.2.1 Do Not close any software window, leave Firmware update (popup) untouched.
11.2.2 Power off transceiver by power button, wait 10 sec, power transceiver back on.
11.2.3 When transceiver is back on - watch the Firmware update (popup) will go throug step 1, then reset and complete in a total few seconds..
Now you all set and can start using ESDR2.

For thouse incredulous or just curious dummies, here is the short "as is" movie of Downgrading from ESDR3 to ESDR2 and Upgrading back from ESDR2 to ESDR3 in one move (download recommended). Fair warning - you still have to go through the step-by-step procedure, as described above.
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