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This category was created to discuss various questions and topics regarding ExpertSDR3 operation.


VAC in EESDR3 01 Nov 2022 20:29 #1

I have question about VAC in eesd3….

Win11 system , eesdr2/eesdr3 with sunsdr2pro and 5m contest.

case: EESDR2
5M contest is playing ssb audio messages via vac to radio and everything is working well…I can send voice macros to radio AND I can use my external mic (connected to mic1/2 radio port ) connected to radio…
Whole system is working perfect…

case: EESDR3
configuration is the same…BUT….to be able to play messages via VAC to radio I must set mic input to PC MIC in eesdr3….but then normaly ,I am unable to use my external mic connected to mic1/2 input of radio…!?
I have enabled vac sound sources in sound card settings in eesdr3…but they simply don’t work…or I have missed something in my configuration?

I have this briefly tested also with radio sync app…and situation is same….
any hint? or can someone test this on another system?
Sorry for my limited english :)
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VAC in EESDR3 04 Nov 2022 18:35 #2

Hello, it goes to me at times it records badly !!!
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VAC in EESDR3 05 Nov 2022 02:23 #3

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oe7mop wrote:
case: EESDR2
case: EESDR3

Mate, one of the key things - ESDR2 is not comparable with ESDR3. They both came from same source, they even both called ESDR, but the "2" or "3" - that what makes very-very much big difference. ESDR3 built on completely different framework that ESDR2 was. RadioSync app is very new implementation, never existed in ESDR2. It is like compare horse ans bike - both bring you from point A to point B, but function on different principles.

It simply cannot be "same configuration". It must not be. On a same reason as above. You may start on ESDR3+RadioSync with the settings close to what you had in ESDR2, but very soon you will find you have to change something.

Many of Win users used to have ASIO as primary driver and lot of fancy external "recorders, bumpers, pushers and enhancers" (like MOTU M2 or similar), however ...
ASIO: 99.95% chance will not work and it is because how MS signs the audio drivers and how Qt pushes audio streams to MS drivers. Use WASAPI.
MOTU (and other "like") has to be tested and new working configurations yet to be found and confirmed for every Beta. Again - you can start with "like in ESDR2" config, but there is very high chance it will not work, and new config has to be researched.

And - it is Beta. It is experiment time and bug reporting time. If you are not a person, who accepts testing - it is completely understood - then just put Beta aside and wait until the final release, with all documentation, bells and whistles and suggested configurations.

Yes, you can use MicPC, mic1 and mic2 - it is all already tested and working. If it does not work on yours - search forum. search EE Testers telegram channel.

"Briefly tested" - good luck with that, mate. Let us know when "briefly tested" will start to work, we all would be very happy to know how.
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VAC in EESDR3 08 Nov 2022 12:17 #4

HI HI what a response...thanks.
I have no intention of getting into a discussion of this type... after all, I hate forums because of......no hard feelings at all :)
It was, I think only simple question about VAC...anyway...

Since I saw that a new version of the eesdr3 and radiosync program was released, I again went through the software installation and the firmware installation trick :)...

I will start with N1MM...:)
IT WORKS! In combination with the RadiSync application, cw keying works as well as transmission of cw/ssb macros...
The Break In option in eesdr3 should not be active...when it is activated, the system behaves very strangely, resulting in the interruption of the eesdr3 program (power off).
With ssb macros, for some reason, N1MM cuts off the last character of the call sign prematurely... increasing the TX-RX transition time in eesdr3 doesn't help either... I think that's a problem with N1MM.

5M contest:
I have the same problem as before... the ssb audio macro will never get to the EESDR3 via RadioSync... no matter what I do...
No, I'm not using ASIO...simple virtual audio cable in/out...MME...
a system that has been proven to work everywhere with various programs and hardware...
(N1MM, 5M contest, FLdigi, WSJT, QUISK...in combination with hermes/thetis, HiQSDR, Flexradio3000...EESDR2 :) etc.)
SSB audio macros in the 5M content program ONLY work when instead of Virtual audio I use the SDC macro server option, of course in combination with the SDC Program... then everything works as it should...
So I finally have a system that does what it needs to do... either CW or SSB (with RTTY I'll just try to play later :) ) and this time I'll stay with EESDR3 :)

I am fully aware of the beta phase of the eesdrf3 program...but it is a public beta...a system that existing users can try and point out potential flaws and omissions.
So, I have no intention of apologizing for potentially stupid questions regarding the operation of the program...because I am a user, a buyer of your product who just wants to help...
After all, all the sdr radio systems I use are in a constant beta phase :)...Thetis, quisk...etc

In general, I live my life in a beta phase...:)
Sorry for such long post...:)
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VAC in EESDR3 08 Nov 2022 22:23 #5

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It is perfectly fine to ask the questions (though, we all know there are different kind and different context). Yours are just right kind and correct context, hence - nothing to be afraid or apologise.

VAC question might be only sound "simple". In terms of ESDR3 VAC is complex, because VAC is not native to ESDR3 (TCI is) - that is why RadioSync is there. Of course there is a reason why VAC is not "native", when "it kind of was" in ESDR2 ... but lets leave it out of scope of this conversation for now :yes:

Regarding N1MM and 5M. Your experience is - again - very different. Just today I have read that someone saying "N1MM does not work", you are saying it does :D (with some exceptions).

In regards to "break-in". To be honest, I have no idea what was programmers logic while they were implementing "break in", but it is quite obvious for myself, that I am not going to use "break in" (or have it ON) while using macroses. On a same obvious reason why I do not usually drive a car with open boot.

In regards to general CW. Because CW is main mode of mine, I have tested practcally everything in it - macroses, break-in with yambic, straight, in TX or in ECoder, all settings - everything works on my side (with important note that I do not use N1MM and 5M). Can supply demonstration videos for every test. All found bugs are on Github.

In case of 5M: while reading 5M mail list, I can see that there are questons and config answers in regards of SSB. Try your questions there. Anyway (currently, just in this phase and before ESDR3 documentation is ready), for N1MM and 5M questions I would rather go to their forums/mail-lists. Just because it is higher chance to have an answer how did they implement integration with ESDR3. Do not know about N1MM, but 5M author is in direct contact with EE developers.

Beta... Personally I think that EE's big mistake that they did not explain - publicly, in details, many times (preferably daily) and everywhere (preferably announced from every radio and from every kitchen kettle) how do they see Alpha and Beta phases, what do they expect from/to users. This lack of info left the users to interprete themselves 8-), and everyone interprets as he wishes. The humble fact (in case of EE and ESDR3) that the only difference between Alpha and Beta is that Beta open for public, when Alpha was to "semi-closed test groups". Everything else (i.e. development approach, bugs registering/fixing, feature implementation/enhancement, no warranty support and (of course) bugs presence) - is the same.

And, BTW, when you will find the way to move your life out of beta phase into release mode, please let me know. Would be very interested to try.
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