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SDC on macOS 21 Sep 2020 13:51 #1

Could some esteemed soul kindly explain to me how to create virtual serial ports using sdc, or provide a link to up-to-date instructions?
I managed to get SunSDR2DX hooked up to Xlog running on wsl Ubuntu under Windows 10 with the help of VSPE and Erik’s guide, but, I haven’t been able to pull it off on MacOS using SDC, seeing as the manual is for Windows and it’s several years old...
I’d like to run eesdr2 on MacOS and route logging data to a Parallels Ubuntu virtual machine running Xlog...
I have been highly impressed with SunSDR2DX transceiver itself, it’s just that I cannot seem to get SDC set up...
Any help sorely needed and much appreciated...
Vesa, OH5MFM
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SDC on macOS 21 Sep 2020 19:16 #2

  • g0cgl
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SDC does not create virtual serial ports. It only uses such ports once they are created by another software. This needs to be done first in your MacOS for SDC to function, using socat or some such similar software.
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SDC on macOS 15 Nov 2020 10:38 #3

  • VK6NX
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Hi mate

There is a challenge with virtual serial ports on Mac. There are couple SW pieces on web, which pretend to do VSPE-like functionality in MacOS, but all buggy as hell. Some of created virtual ports not even recognised by SDC (not SDC fault).

Couple ways to override the problem (as g0cgl mentioned, you have to create serial emulation on Mac first):
1. You may try to buy HW serial emulator based on USB/PL2303. It means waste of one USB port on you Mac. And there is no guarantee it will work without heavy dancing around.
2. You may plug Arduino/ESP32 into Mac's USB and use emulation of RS232 on Mac (there are heaps of examples how to do that in Arduino code, but it assumes you are OK to code yourself, at least the Arduino board). Again, it means waste of one USB port on you Mac (unless you find what else this Arduino can do for you except of just serial emulation). At least Arduino based port is recognised by SDC.

Further option may be really heavy for you current setup: move away from serial-based Xlog application and start looking towards TCI. (I guess that is what we all going to be doing in next few years anyway).

TBH, when I was solving the serial emulation issue on my Mac few years ago - I just decided to write my own log for Mac :)
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